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PYPO's ensembles for intermediate band and string players.

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The PYPO Intermezzo Ensembles are for musicians who have mastered the foundational skills of their instrument and are ready for a new challenge. Intermezzo is an opportunity for musicians to increase time and experience with their instrument before progressing to our Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Students rehearse and perform as a string ensemble and band ensemble separately, and then combine to make the PYPO Intermezzo Full Orchestra in the spring.


Intermezzo (formerly known as Prelude) musicians are accepted through an audition process, by appointment only. All applicants must register online and schedule an audition.


Intermezzo musicians are generally middle school and high school students, but there is no age requirement or restriction.


As an Intermezzo musician, you will perform in three concerts per season.

One performance in the fall, one in early spring, and one at the end of the season in April. 


Intermezzo groups rehearse on Saturday mornings, typically 10:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M. from late September through March.


Full Season Tuition (Sept - April): $600*

Mid-Season Tuition (Jan - April): $300*


*all tuition is subject to a $25 registration fee

Auditions ARE Required to join Intermezzo Strings and Intermezzo Band.



The PYPO Intermezzo String Ensemble was established in the 2007-2008 season to provide young musicians with the opportunity to receive experience working in more focused string ensemble environment, as well as in a full orchestra setting. Directed by Erika Pierce.


The PYPO Intermezzo Band was established in 2009. Musicians will learn about the basics of ensemble playing and will develop skills including:

• counting rhythms accurately in order to play together more effectively,
• listening and tuning an instrument in relation to the rest of the group,
• playing melodies more effectively,
• playing accompaniment parts more effectively which will include how to listen and respond to other musicians while performing their own musical part within the ensemble, and
• developing good breathing practices which will enhance producing a better, more relaxed and easy sound, on their instrument.


Directed by PYPO’s Director of Bands, Dr. Scott DiTullio, and Intermezzo's Assistant Conductor, Kevin Varga.

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