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Give the gift of a lifetime.

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The Pittsburgh Youth Philharmonic Orchestra is committed to providing young musicians with opportunities that inspire them to be active participants in their communities and learners for a lifetime.


Your generosity can keep our thirty-year tradition of musical excellence alive and well in the Greater Pittsburgh area. 


Make a gift today!

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Your generosity will support PYPO's mission of providing high quality musical experiences to youth in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. 

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Join the Crescendo Club

COMING SOON! Join the Club by setting up monthly donations – of any amount – to support the transformative musical experiences that define the Pittsburgh Youth Philharmonic. 

Coming soon!

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There are many opportunities to volunteer your time to support PYPO throughout the season. For more information, please contact

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Special Events

PYPO hosts multiple events every season that highlights the next generation of musical talent and gives you an experience to remember.

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Program Advertising

Three times a year, PYPO prints high quality program booklets to distribute to hundreds of families during our concerts. Advertising and increase visibility for your business!


In-Kind Giving

Have an instrument laying around collecting dust? Sheet music that hasn't been used for a while? Donate them to PYPO!


Behind the Scenes... 

The Pittsburgh Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (PYPO), a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit, has been a major educational resource for young musicians throughout the Tri-State area since 1993.  Becoming the largest youth orchestra in the region, however, has not come without challenges.

How Will My Contribution Help?

Youth Scholarship Assistance

Our scholarship fund ensures that no youth is excluded from PYPO and the many benefits that come from participating in our ensembles.  PYPO provides these opportunities regardless of economic status, and our hope is to:

  • increase the number of ensemble tuition scholarships for our four main ensembles and chamber ensembles

  • increase the number of tuition scholarships for our Summer Instrument Camps

  • provide complimentary instrument rentals

  • provide tour scholarships for musicians to participate in PYPO’s international tour every three years

Rehearsal Space

Our PYPO family does not have a dedicated rehearsal space.  Our four ensembles, comprised of students in first through twelfth grades, representing thirty-six school districts as well as homeschooled musicians from all over the Tri-State area, require separate rehearsal spaces within a single facility.  Our current situation also limits the number of students we can serve and will not allow us to grow and develop other programs, due to space restrictions.

Music & Administrative Staff Development

Operating expenses are offset predominantly by tuition, and while remaining very competitive with other youth orchestras in the area, additional funding is critical if we are to attract outstanding educators and support staff.  Members of our current staff of professional and talented music educators have dedicated themselves to supporting PYPO’s mission of fostering a lifelong love of music.  Staff members often forego more lucrative earnings at their own studios to share their knowledge and love of music with our students.  They are generous with their time because of their deep belief in our program, as well as in the power of music education.  However, we strive to provide our staff with appropriate compensation so as to maintain them and attract additional talent to support our growing program. 

The above challenges and goals represent our most urgent areas of concern, however, we have many other donation opportunities that may be of interest as presented in our levels of gift sponsorship.  Your generous contributions are tax deductible and every dollar of every donation will be used judiciously to ensure that music thrives and prospers.

Support the PYPO Mission

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