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Join the Pittsburgh Youth Philharmonic Orchestra for our sixth concert tour!
Stay tuned for a big announcement this season regarding our next concert tour!

Travel Dates:  TBD

  • All Philharmonic, Prelude students and PYPO Alumni are welcome to attend (and their families).  Outside musicians interested in touring should contact for an audition prior to enrollment
  • 14 and under required to travel with adult
  • Individual fundraising available

Tour Information

Tour Itinerary

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Tour Registration

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Testimonials From Fomer PYPO Students


“During the summer after my junior year of high school, I attended the PYPO Summer Tour to London, Amsterdam, and Bruges. On tour, I made so many incredible memories with my fellow musicians–touring new places abroad and playing in truly incredible venues. At one of our concerts, in particular, I remember the audience being especially enthusiastic–energetically shouting and clapping after each piece. After the concert, a small group of us were walking around outside the venue, and several audience members continued to congratulate us. They were so appreciative of music in a way unlike I had ever seen before. While on tour, I also felt so blessed to have the chance to visit so many incredible historic and cultural sites. Among other things, we toured old windmills and the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, saw Big Ben in London, and drifted through Bruges by boat–all in such a short time. My PYPO Tour was certainly a musical and cultural experience like no other.”

– Marie Erickson


“I have made so many great memories being part of PYPO, including an amazing trip to Europe!  I may have had the opportunity to travel to France and Italy at some point in my life as a generic tourist, but I never would have had the chance to actually PERFORM in those countries.  We played some of the most amazing pieces in some of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen.  We also had such a great opportunity to experience the culture, the food and all the sites- it was truly amazing and something I will never forget.  Because of my experiences on tour, I decided to study abroad my Junior year in college.”

– Erin Forlastro


“PYPO opened my eyes to a whole new “world” of music.  The European tours really gave me a new appreciation for our audiences.  The fact that these people from Germany, Austria, France, etc. would take the time out of their schedules to come see a group of musicians from America really meant a lot and changed my perspective on the world.  It made me realize music really did transcend language and culture.”

– Amanda Gorman

Tour Fundraising


There will be several fundraising opportunities sponsored through PYPO for the upcoming Tour.
All fundraisers must be submitted and paid in one check (made out to PYPO) before or on the date listed.  Unfortunately, due to the requirements of the individual companies we are working with, we are unable to accept any late orders.

The profit from each family’s fundraising will be credited directly to their personal tour account.  If more than one person are traveling together, please notify us of how you would like your funds allocated.

Previous Fundraisers:

Pittsburgh Popcorn – 50% Profit
Hershey Chocolates – 62% Profit
Tambelini’s Gourmet Foods – 40% profit
Krispy Kreme Donuts – 50% profit
Pittburgh Popcorn – 50% profit

Should you have any suggestions for fundraising, please contact Executive Director Erika Pierce at


Should you have any questions, please email Executive Director Erika Pierce at

PYPO’s Concert Tours

The Pittsburgh Youth Philharmonic Orchestra has organized a European concert tour every three years since 2007.  PYPO has performed five concert tours throughout eleven countries:  Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Italy, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.  PYPO will be embarking on their sixth international tour soon!

PYPO tours are open to all current Philharmonic and Prelude musicians as well as outside musicians by audition.

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